Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Sunday

Good morning and happy Sunday to all.  I bought the goodies I think I need to make my own camera light box so that I will be able to take some pics of my cards and jewelry which I make.  Now, I just have to cut the stuff up, tape it together, find my tripod and start snapping away.  It may be a week before I am a able to actually get some pics posted as I'm scheduled for surgery on Thursday and have tons of things to get done in this house prior to that since I will not be able to lift or bend over for a while.  The pain is what I am dreading, but the outcome will be so worth it in the long run.  So keep checking back.  Love and hugs to all!


  1. Good luck to you with your surgery Donna, will keep you in my prayers Thursday... let us know.. let us know how your made out as soon as you can.

    Hugs, Jean

  2. Hi Donna! Just found your blog through Jean :D I am going to guess that you may be having a hysterectomy??? I am pretty much fully recovered from mine - and I just want to tell you that the pain is really not that bad! When you first wake up from surgery, they'll give you something and then the pain meds will help you tremendously. I just wanted to encourage you - whatever surgery you are having... don't hesitate to take the meds! I am also a Christian and will uplift you to our Great Physician and Healer. I do pray that your surgery and recovery goes smoothly and that you feel the presence of Jesus in a very special way as you recover.

    Love and big healing hugs ~